Guide to our Sponsorships
PAWAKOM under its CSR policy will partner with initiatives with the following characteristics.
1. Fall within our area of operation and are in line with our focus areas.
2. Poverty eradication & Economic Empowerment
3. Promote direct use of geothermal resources
4. Promote public health in our area of operation
5. Promote environmental management and rehabilitation
6. Are non - profit, community based, charity groups and schools
7. Support capital schemes or communities affected by our operations

Funding guidelines.

What we fund

PAWAKOM will concentrate its grant making activities in the areas outlined in its Corporate Social Investment Policy

Who we Fund

PAWAKOM will fund projects that are to be implemented in Uganda by legally constituted and registered community based organizations. The organization will also have strategic partnerships with community leaders and administration in order to meet the felt needs of the communities.

Project defined

PAWAKOM defines a project as a set of activities organized in response to an identified issue and that aims to achieve specific objectives within a specific time frame and budget which leads to sustainability and independence.

Projects funded

PAWAKOM will fund projects in the areas of Education, Economic Empowerment, Environmental mgt, Health, and Arts & culture.

Submitting proposal

Organizations can submit proposals directly to PAWAKOM or by post or via email. Proposals should be submitted in the project proposal format available from the PAWAKOM’s website.

Appraisal of proposals

The proposals received by PAWAKOM will be appraised on a monthly basis by CSR sub committees in the defined areas. The review criteria include for example: alignment to the focus areas of PAWAKOM; the proposed objectives and activities; prospects for community participation; sustainability and the overall strength and viability of the proposal. Detailed budgets will also require.
All proposals are reviewed and assessed on their own merit.